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A Free Rountrip Ticket

Mother-in-law is back! She is back with a free round-trip ticket for Manila-Incheon-Manila courtesy of her modelling “career”.

It is a good story to tell – to her friends, her grandchildren, her grandchildren’s children.

It all started with a phone call from Jaz. She phoned me one day asking if my mother-in-law was still here in Seoul knowing that MIL was here for a vacation. Positive, I said. Would she want to appear in a public service ad here in Korea? Without consulting MIL, I said yes. LOL. To make the story short, MIL experienced how it was to shoot for an ad here in Seoul… soon she’ll be seen in TV screens in subways and buildings along the road of Seoul.

Her second visit here in Seoul with a free roundtrip ticket brings me to write about the importance of one’s visa status. Her first visit here was under a tourist visa. The agency who got her for the public service ad wanted everything to be legally done so they offered to give her a roundtrip ticket from the Philippines where she could process her C4 visa – visa for temporary employment. She cannot work under a tourist visa status.

She went home to the Philippines with the excitement that she’s coming back. And she did!

We are glad that she’s back. We are glad that her vacation here is memorable and it’s worth mentioning to anyone who cares to  listen to her “brag” about her modelling stint.

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1 thought on “A Free Rountrip Ticket

  1. please thank your MIL for the pasalubong she shared with us… i so love the macaroons! and she’s so maganda ha… (tinagalog kasi mas may dating ang “maganda” kesa sa “pretty”)

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