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What Kind of Mother Would You Like To Be?

I enjoy breastfeeding – other than the nutrients and the emotional bond I provide to my baby, I get to multi-task. I could either browse the net or read. And I get to explore the world with reading!

Whether I’m sitting down or lying on the bed while breastfeeding, I make sure that a book is within easy reach. A page or two, or a hundred pages in one reading – it matters not. I read! And my baby loves to be distracted with whatever book I have. Result – a tattered book.

044669068601_sclzzzzzzz_1Jack – Straight from the Gut is the most tattered book I had read. It took me some time to finish and while sneaking in some reading time Baby Dynamo would reach out for the book. I did finish the book now plastered with scotch tape all over its cover.

The book is a good read for managers all over the world. Jack Welch is not called the “Manager of the Century” for nothing. But I was drawn to Jack Welch’s mother. Grace Welch mothered him with toughness balanced with a lifetime of warmth which the son felt all throughout his life.  Jack Welch credits his mom for being the “most influential person in my life”.

His anecdote of her when she stormed the boy’s locker room after losing a hockey game would be forever immortalized. She was aghast at his behaviour and she told him in front of his team mates:

“If you don’t know how to lose, you’ll never know how to win”.

Sometimes I feel that I am demandding too much from my 3 year old Little Dynamo. While I could be sweet and playful to him, I feel that I sometimes turn into a monster when he forgets some of the things we had previously studied. I always tell my own son, “Don’t forget the lessons I taught you. I am very angry whenever you forget them. What’s our study time for when you only easily foget?” I would immediately feel like a monster after that. My husband would bring me back to my senses and remind me, “How old were you when you started writing your name?”. At 31/2 years old, Little Dynamo can. Indeed, that’s a reality check to my otherwise demanding self.

But Jack Welch became the topnotch CEO that he was because her mother pushed her to excellence:

From my earliest years in school, she taught me the need to excel. She knew how to be tough with me, but also how to hug and kiss. She made sure I knew how wanted and loved I was”.

I don’t delude myself into believing that if I mother my children the way Grace Welch did, they would become as great as Jack Welch, too. This is not about it.

I love the way the mother influenced her son’s life greatly and how the son recognized her mother’s influence. In building Jack Welch’s self-confidence, she must have done a great act of balancing on pushing to bring out the best in him and providing him with all the love and warmth.

While I have great admiration for the achievements and the success story of Jack Welch, it is to his mother that I was really drawn. Tough woman. Tough act to follow… you could only wish to be like her and produce a son like hers.

Ahhh… motherhood. There’s so much to do. There’s so much to nurture.

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