The Mother-in-Law

My Korean friends like my mother-in-law.

They see her driving Baby Dynamo’s stroller in the morning so I could prepare Little Dynamo for school and I can go to the gym. Some saw her with a garbage bag to dispose our trash – one friend remarked “it is unthinkable for my mother-in-law to do that!”. I blurted out one time that my mother-in-law prepares my coffee – breakfast and afternoon snack time – and she suddenly became a MIL ideal figure. LOL.

But, of course! mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relatiosnhips are never perfect nor ideal. I absolutely dread shopping with her – in the Philippines or here in Seoul – wuhuhuhuhu. Spare me! She could spend the whole day in a mall without getting tired. Bring her to an outdoor tourist spot and in 30 minutes she would be exhausted!

Still, I’m luckier than most, I guess, when it comes to the kind of mother-in-law that I have. She seldom demands, she always gives – her time, her effort, her pride.

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2 thoughts on “The Mother-in-Law

  1. true yan Cher! si MIL ko naman gusto nya sya lahat gumagawa non eh.. it made me more uncomfortable. buti sana kung as in marami akong ginagawa, kkkk…. more than i do, alex loves this new life together separated from her… the few times we visited her, kita ko rin na ineenjoy ni MIL yung buhay nyang wala ibang inaatupag…kkkk

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