Shopping Dilemma for Big Women

I’ve been to shopping areas (Namdaemun and Dongdaemun are out – I can’t go there with an infant) with mother-in-law but always (always!) she comes home frustrated.

The clothes are too small for her frame – but, she isn’t fat at all. She’s taller than most halmonis but fat?, no! So, I can’t understand why she can’t find the perfect fit. Could it be because she looks for flaws in clothes all the time? Yes, she does but! So far, she has only bought 1 decent dress from Zara in Times Square in Yeongdeungpo. Shoes are too small for her. No exaggeration here. She ended up buying a 10,000krw shoes in Myeongdong after hours of looking around. I feel sorry for her – and for my husband (I always end up buying for myself, that’s why!). She can’t even proudly show-off that shoes, lol.

This brings to mind a conversation with another Pinoy. His wife, who’s on the heavy side, had difficulty shopping here in Seoul. Clothes are really for the smaller frame. If you’re slim, you won’t have difficulty shopping around here. It will be your shopping paradise. If you’re big, just concentrate on the sights and the culture:-).

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2 thoughts on “Shopping Dilemma for Big Women

  1. huhuhu! true … can’t find clothes here for me.. okay lang shoes, maliit talaga paa ko pero problemado ako sa clothes. lahat ng damit na nasusuot ko pa ngayon e from philippines pa din. buti na lang kahit non pa mahilig na ko sa loose blouses…

  2. so now can you understand why i hoard my clothes and shoes from the philippines?????hahahahahaha…..i already gave up on shopping in korea it’s impossible for me to get a size for my clothes or even my shoes….hahahaha

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