Jeju Summer Vacation

Going to Jeju for a summer vacation should be planned weeks ahead, this I learned while hubby and I were looking for an accommodation for our summer vacation in Jeju. We were lucky to have found a good place in the tourist capital, Seogwipo-si. But we got Grand Ville for only 2 nights as the place was fully-booked. Our other 2 nights were spent in Natural Park Resort, a little bit far from Seogwipo where we spent most of our time. What’s good with Natural Park was that it was very near Hallim Park and Hyeopjae Beach.

Grand Ville offered a relaxing place to stay where we can cook food and had a facility for barbecue. It was a good place for our family to stay in. The place is near the Jungmun Beach and is also walking distance to several restaurants.


Grand Vil, Jeju

The place became more interesting when the manager of the place – the son of the pwner – introduced himself to us and offered to drive us to a nearby grocery store and spoke Tagalog. We learned that he graduated from Centro Escolar University. He also speaks good English so English-speaking visitors will be very comfortable in here.

Contact details are available in the Grand Ville website.


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