Another Life Year

Last day of my birthday month. What have I gotten since the last time I celebrated my birthday?

Now, I have two handsome boys. Still have a handsome husband and intend to have him even when our hairs grow gray.


Although my weight doesn’t reach 52kg (I didn’t reach 60kg even when I was pregnant) BUT my waistline grows bigger and bigger. Grrrr… I stopped baking. But I can’t stop buying… and eating!

I sleep less… and lesser. When the boys sleep, I do all the house works. That means cleaning even in the middle of the night. It has become a habit.

The day isn’t complete without coffee. I tried to avoid it but I can’t. It has become part of my system.

I have a need to read… and read… and read. But I am taking care of an infant and a toddler. Whewww! So, I am reading even in the most inconvenient position. And books end up tattered.

I had been living here in Korea for the past four years and so I always end up confused about my age. Am I 34? Am I 35? Was I 33 before August 14 or was I 34? Oh heck, you’ll understand me when you are living here. LOL.

Yeah, another year has passed but please bless me with more. Thank you.

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7 thoughts on “Another Life Year

  1. Belated Happy Birthday!!! I know what you mean. In Korea, they make you way older than your actual age. But who cares? It’s just another number right? What’s important is your attitude and outlook in life. I have a 50-something co-worker who tells me that in his mind, he’s only 35 years old. And he does live and act like a 35-year old. Leo(?) ka pala.

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