World One Curry in Myeongdong

Was in Myeongdong last Monday to accompany mother-in-law for some shopping. It’s the Grand Sale Season, remember?

As hubby’s office is also in Myeongdong, he met us for lunch and treated us to a chicken feast. He brought us to a small alley, we went up a narrow stairway, and got into a small restaurant called “World One Curry”. In contrast to its small space, it serves a large platter of one whole chicken:


For 9,000-won, it is one very filling meal!

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2 thoughts on “World One Curry in Myeongdong

  1. hello joel, it’s in one of the alleys of myeongdong. galing ko magbigay ng direction, noh? lol.

    reserve september 4. get-together ulit tayo.

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