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Mom 101: Artwork in Mommy’s Eyes

Have you ever felt the urge to display your kid’s artwork? I’m sure every parent does.

I am the sentimental type so it is not surprising that I keep even those seemingly trivial objects for posterity. I find reasons to keep pieces of remembrance.

But Little Dynamo loves to write and draw anywhere (not on our the walls, thanks!). Those on scattered papers or notebooks I could keep. But he has this board his Daddy bought for him which he loves to write and draw on. Unfortunately, the drawings he makes on it I can’t keep.

One day, I found him explaining his drawing to me. Surprisingly, his story is similar to the story of one of his dinosaur books “A Bad Day for Dinosaurs”. It is about an herd of Stegosaurus who had to vacate their habitat because a volcano is erupting. This is Little Dynamo’s interpretation:

p6150754 Amazing how a mom can extol her kid’s talents to high heavens, right? Hahaha. This post is a classic example of this. But hey, I really am in great awe of my son’s imagination. Rather than erasing this “great work of imagination”, this blog site and this particular post pay tribute to Little Dynamo’s 3 year old creative mind.

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