Breastfeeding in Public

On those rare times I complain about Baby Dynamo totally rejecting the feeding bottle, DO NOT BELIEVE ME. I actually LOVE breastfeeding. In fact, I advocate breastfeeding.

When I received my regular updates from today, I was filled with more confidence to breastfeed even in public – which I always do, by the way. Name it – the coffeeshop, restaurants, mall, supermarket, playroom – Baby Dynamo was never deprived of his feeding frenzy:-). With the article “5 Tips for Breastfeeding in Public“,  I learned and absolutely agree that I am “an earth mother goddess“. The best accessory I could ever have when breastfeeding is my confidence that I am allowed to breastfeed anytime, anywhere and the best response I could ever give to some probing eyes is my smile.

Take this:

“And remember, if you catch someone watching, smile. You’re nourishing the next generation. You are an earth mother goddess. I joke, but truly, people are less likely to be uncomfortable or nasty to you when you’re pleasant and confident. If nothing else, your smile might shame the ones who consider fussing about public breastfeeding into keeping their views to themselves.”

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