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Mom 101: Goodbye Sippy Cup

Baby Dynamo bid goodbye to his sippy cups last June 14.


Since then, we didn’t go back to the convenience of the sippy cups. We are dealing with the mess and the spills but we are intent on moving forward.

It was just like with my Little Dynamo. I started using a sippy cup for his water when he turned 5 months old. When he welcomed a regular cup at 6 months old, I didn’t go back to sippy cups anymore. Baby Dynamo is doing the same. ┬áThis is particularly important for me as this is an important milestone in their development and skill. Consistency is the key in any training I do with my Dynamos.

So far, Baby Dynamo is doing very well taking in his water using a regular cup. He gets wet, yes. I get a messy high chair and a messy floor, yes. But he has progressed from sucking to sipping to drinking from a regular bottle. That’s a milestone!

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2 thoughts on “Mom 101: Goodbye Sippy Cup

  1. Hi Wendy! Thanks for dropping by my site. My daughter used the same sippy cup too. She really didn’t like it and preferred drinking from a cup than from a sippy cup.

    Lots of love,

  2. i tried to give zach the sippy cups but he disliked it a lot so we went straight to regular cups……but now he’s really into straw cups…..he likes the idea of sipping from straws although he can still drink with regular cups with ease

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