Learning to Compromise in Pre-School

The Directress in Little Dynamo’s pre-school called me last week. Little Dynamo was crying and cannot be consoled. He wanted mommy and he wanted to go home. On the way home, I asked him why he was crying.

“I don’t like ballet”, he said.

I actually felt relieved when he said that. His daddy didn’t want him to attend the ballet class but it is part of his pre-school program in Kinder Liebe. As part of his education fee, he was supplied with tights, leotards and (girl’s) ballet shoes. I still asked him why he didn’t like ballet.

“I don’t like the girl’s shoes, mommy”.

That made me really laugh. His daddy was so glad he knows what a girl’s shoes is. His Daddy and I made sure that he feels it was all right for us if he doesn’t join the ballet class. We could just tell his teacher to allow him to play or do whatever he wants to do during┬áthe ballet class.

Apparently, he was able to compromise (he’s the one in red shirt):


No wonder, he went home yesterday telling me:

“Mommy, I like my girl ballet teacher”.

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