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Kinder Liebe: A Pre-school Option for Foreigners in Seoul

I found a pre-school for my Little Dynamo. Kinder Liebe. 

I was overjoyed when I visited the place for the first time and discovered that the Directress speaks English. For a foreigner like me who doesn’t speak Korean, this is a relief and this is the most important factor in choosing my son’s pre-school.  Important too was the rapport I felt with her when we started talking. For me, it was just a bonus that they have two native English speakers.

The Directress was actually surprised when she learned that I was not particular about the study of the English language. My son speaks the language and it is his primary language. She informed me that parents send their children there and emphasized that their kids should learn the English language above everything else. Of course, I was not surprised. Kinder Liebe offers the least expensive rate among the pre-schools I have checked into here in the Mapo-gu area. Here’s the summary of the education fee of Kinder Liebe: p6080662  


  • insurance: KRW100,000 – one year insurance
  • entrance fee: KRW200,000 – uniform, attendance card, lunch box, bag, ballet set, gym clothes
  • material fee – KRW70,000 per month (the pre-school usually requires payment for this for 6 months but I had to make the monthly arrangement as we have unpredictable family schedule)
  • education fee – KRW480,000 per month



I pay KRW550,000 per month for Little Dynamo’s pre-school. This rate excludes fees for field trips which they usually have on Fridays.

Bus schedules are strictly followed by the hagwons/pre-school here in Seoul. Classic example, I asked the other mom, “What time does the school bus pass by for you?” “9:19”. That’s almost always being followed. Try to go down a few minutes after your schedule and the songsaengnim in the bus is already frowning. Worse, your toddler will be left behind… happened to Little Dynamo once already.   


One may call Kinder Liebe at 02-706-0511.

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