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Instilling Nationalism in Toddlers

p6110690Little Dynamo went home last Friday with a Korean flag and a Red Devil’s horn. He was so excited he told me he will shout “Daehanminguk” (Korea).  We all know now that Korea won over Greece 2:0 last Saturday night.

My toddler was proud of his flag and his horn. He was prouder when he showed us his chant of “Daehanminguk”. And he is not even Korean. But he was effectively enthused with the Korean’s anticipation to support its World Cup team. This made me reflect on Korea’s pride as a country and as a people. This is not just about the World Cup. This is not just about sports. Korea, as a nation, has deeply embedded loyalty to its people. And this is what has driven them to become one of the players in world economy.

Little Dynamo will be going to school later with his flag and the red devil horn wearing a red shirt. Whatever the preschool’s activity will be, I am sure my son will be going home excited to tell me the day’s event unaware that this seemingly simple activity is indoctrinating him (and all the kids) to appreciate and love anything and everything Korean.

I am not a fan of Korea and everything Korean but for this, Korea has my respect. I am cheering for Korea against Argentina later. Fighting!

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