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Gloomy Sky Clouds Over Seoul

As if the heavens can feel the heaviness in every South Korean’s heart, gloomy sky clouds over Seoul today. As a family, all we wanted to do was to sleep forever in bed. We eventually got out of bed after 11 in the morning. Looking out of the window, the streets are empty, the sky is grey. It’s sad.

In contrast to the spirit last night when I went down to the Family Mart to buy a couple of beer, the small convenience store was packed with people. Everyone was lining up for chips and beers for the game ahead. Even toddlers were in the lobby or in their dad’s shoulders wearing red. Jolly sight it was.

But the Reds gave a good fight. It was excitement all over until ten minutes before the game ended when Suarez of Uruguay goaled his second ball. What a hero he was for his team and his country. I kept on telling my husband I was falling in love with Uruguay’s players. They were quick, they were fast, they came out from nowhere. Before you know it, they were kicking the ball or cutting a Red from somewhere. But the Reds gave a really good fight. They matched Uruguay’s speed. They were just unlucky with some of their attempts for easy goals.

Now, South Korea is officially out of the game. It was a heart-wrenching sight to see Du-ri crying in the field after the whistle declared the game finished.

picture from Korea Times
photo from Korea Times

I kept on telling my husband “I’m sad” (affected? LOL) especially when we saw the face of the South Korean’s coach controlling his emotions during the after-game interview.

Now, who do we root for?

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