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Free Text to the Philippines Using Chikka

Since I came over, I have always used Chikka’s free service whenever I send messages to the Philippines. It’s easy and convenient. You just need to have an internet connection and a Chikka account and you can immediately send free text messages to cell phone users in the Philippines. Just follow the correct format of the receiving cell phone number.

I didn’t know that you can also send free text messages to cell phone users in the US, India, UK, Guam, Saipan, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Spain. Wherever you are, the Chikka service sends free text messages. In my experience with texting to family and friends in the Philippines, I am allowed up to 3 messages and the recipient should reply to my Chikka account for P2.50 per message. Beyond the 3 free text messages to a partcular mobile number, I will not be allowed to send any until I receive a reply. This is how Chikka profits – from the replies of the recipient mobile phone. What I usually do is, I log out of my Chikka account. After a few minutes I log in again and there goes my free text messages:-).

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