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Weekly Grocery

One of our family time is doing the weekly grocery together. Since the opening of Lotte Mart in Lotte Castle which connects to the Gongdeok Station in Mapo-gu last year, we have been doing our grocery here. Not only is it near, it gives us the convenience that other Lotte Supermarkets cannot. It delivers our grocery for free. We go there, choose, pay for our goods and stroll back to our place.

My Lotte Membership card contains our house address so that after it is swiped, the receipt contains my house address. There is no need for me to explain or write in broken Korean where to deliver my grocery. I just give my receipt, show the utility man my address and he does the rest (packs and delivers).

And as with other major supermarkets here in Korea, the supermarket abounds with food samples. You can have a free tasting of breads, meats, milk, juices… name it. Sample picture below is a favorite. I overheard two young boys who kept on coming back say, “Mashita” (delicious).


Hubby and Little Dynamo do not pass by any of these samples without picking up their share… more than their share. By the time we finish doing the grocery, they declare “Bae bul ru yo”.

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