Sleeping in the Bathtub

Hubby usually gives Little Dynamo his night time bath. Tonight he didn’t have a chance to.

Little Dynamo was out of the house since 10:30am. I brought him to the playroom and he stayed there with the songsaengnim until noontime. We had lunch in one of the restaurants around our place and brought him back again to the playroom, as he requested. From 2pm, he played with different group of friends until the playroom’s closing time. He was exhausted!

I knew he would be sleeping first chance he gets so I immediately bathe him. While he was in the bathtub, Baby Dynamo had to cry for milk. After feeding Baby Dynamo and putting him in the crib, I checked the bathroom. My 3-year old boy was sleeping… in a bath tub almost full of water! Goosebumps! I refused to think what would have happened had I been a minute late.

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