Mom 101: Do I Follow My Doctor Or Not?

I brought Baby Dynamo to the pediatrician more than a week ago for his vaccine. The doctor did his routine check-up… checked the chest, back, eyes, nose, ears. And he declared: “Your son has otitis media, ear infection. But don’t worry, it’s just mild. We need to give him antibiotics for two days. Please come back after two days so I could check again.”

“But he doesn’t have any symptoms. No fever. No crying.” I reasoned out, quite confused by his diagnosis.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s just mild,” he reassured me.

I left the clinic with the doctor’s prescription. Instead of being the obedient mommy, I walked my baby home without buying the antibiotics. Mild ear infection, according to the doctor. No symptoms, none whatsoever. My baby is a happy baby save for some poking he did on my baby’s ears which caused my baby dynamo to cry bigtime.

I had been wary of giving antibiotics to my baby so I immediately checked the net. True enough, a mild ear infection does not warrant immediate antibiotic. Give and take three days for observation. If it’s viral, it usually just goes away. If it worsens, visit the doctor back if antibiotics is necessary.

When I went back to the clinic two days ago for another vaccine shot, a different pediatrician was on duty. I saw the record on their screen noting acute otitis media”. I inquired why the note is acute whereas the other pediatrician told me it was just mild. “Sorry” was the reply.

I told her I didn’t give the prescribed antibiotics to my son. This time, the lady doctor answered, “For me, there is no need for anitbiotic”.

Mommies, be informed. Doctors do not have the monopoly of medical knowledge. It will benefit our children if we do our own research, too.

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6 thoughts on “Mom 101: Do I Follow My Doctor Or Not?

  1. Hiya!

    Just wanted to say kudos for following your own instinct/research. Doctors do over prescribe here. Cheers!

  2. awwww… can’t believe doctors could do that, much more for a baby.

    personally, i consider ear infection a lame diagnosis for doctors who don’t know what’s wrong with the baby. even if i never had Khloe gone through any health problem, yet i always hear of EAR INFECTION as the diagnosis i hear 98% of the time when moms bring their babies for a check-up.

    antibiotic should be prescribed if fever can’t be treated by tylenol or motrin. I am always advised not to give a baby younger than 2 years old any tylenol unless the fever is 101.9

    if Baby Dynamo is okay and has no fever, then there’s no ear infection. that’s so strange to diagnose mild to acute without any basis. very confusing.

    i wish dynamo all the best.. and to all of you there Weng.

  3. a rule of thumb for me has always been if the baby doesn’t have a fever that prevents him from playing then we don’t go to the doctor… even if he has fever and he’s still playing he’s okay ;p

    it’s his dad who’s been so praning…

  4. in my case, i usualy do research(checking online and asking my uncle who is a doc all the way back home) first before going to the doc in korea then i ask tons of questions until the doc can explain everything in detail……docs in korea have a tendency to just give medicines without explaining how and why a sick person got the disease….it’s been my practice even before i got my little zach……so most of the time docs here gets surprised when i mention the medical terms in front of them…’s better to be informed before you consult a doc.

    1. hi cher – good for you that you already have that habit. little zach is surely safe with you. you’re right, it’s better to be informed before consulting a doctor.

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