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Mom 101: Baby’s First Solids

p51003481Do you know that the digestive system of babies are ready to accept solids at 17 weeks old? Little Dynamo had his first taste of mashed banana mixed with breastmilk at that age. He was ready to take in food and there was no stopping us from then on.

Baby Dynamo is different. I had to delay giving him his first solids as it coincided with his adjustment to the cool climate of Seoul in contrast to the hot weather we left behind in the Philippines. So, he welcomed his first solids at 5 months old. Same with Little Dynamo, I introduced him to mashed banana first. A banana is a very good first solid food to give to babies as its taste is closest to breast milk or fomula milk.  From banana, Baby Dynamo moved on to taking in mashed potato and sweet tomato. He also welcomed pureed apple.

I never bought baby food. I intend to do the same with Baby Dynamo.

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