I Hope Roxas Wins!

I hope Mar Roxas wins. He can provide balance and professionalism to Noynoy Aquino whose ascent to the presidency was maneuvered by the powerful emotional appeal based on his widely-perceived goodness just because he is an Aquino.

Just like the great statesman Doy Laurel who gave in to Cory Aquino in 1986, Mar Roxas gave in to the Aquino presidential candidacy for political pragmatism. No one was good (saintly?) enough to fight Marcos in 1986. Nobody was really a strong contender for the presidency until Cory Aquino died last year.

I just hope that the Noynoy Aquino presidency would not function the way it was brought to life – emotionally laden and with the almost messianic belief of the majority that He is the CHOSEN ONE because he has a good heart inherited from his widely-revered mother. Please do not let the incoming government be a disaster. Do not let history repeat itself for Cory Aquino’s government was a DISASTER (am I blasphemous? LOL). She brought back democracy, yes. She will always be remembered for that. And what else?

Binay’s win will complete the package of the Aquinos. Kris Aquino does not hide the fact of their very close family ties. Oh my, the Philippines will be a playground.

Mar Roxas has poised himself for the presidency since his first entry into politics. I didn’t like the way he used his personal life for his political ambitions but… that’s how politics work in the country. “If you can’t beat them, join them” so goes the popular adage. But more than that, he has the background and the intellectual capacity to govern.

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