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House Talk: Dried Flowers

Do you just throw away your flowers as soon as you see them wilting away?

I’m quite sentimental so I don’t. Of the few bouquets I received I usually allow them to dry up. In fact, the best way to preserve the flowers is to hang them upside down. When the flowers have completely dried up, that’s when you can put them into display wherever you want. The form is majestically preserved.

p5230371The last basket of flowers I received from my husband here in Seoul was during my birthday last year. That was August. He was in the US that time and he simply ordered the flowers online to be delivered on my birthday. I left it on the table when I left for the Philippines. Hubby never bothered to throw the basket away – probably knowing I intended for it to be preserved. When I came back here last April, the basket of roses elegantly forms part of the table decor. Lovely.

Looking back, this basket of flowers silently stood on its own little corner during major events in our family life: Little Dynamo’s surgery, Baby Dynamo’s birth and our return back here in Seoul not just as a family of three but already an expat family of four.

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