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House Talk: Doing the Laundry

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Do you check all the pockets each time you do the laundry? I would have said yes thinking that I am one very thorough person. But hubby got victimized by my “thoroughness”.

I had been eyeing hubby’s white jacket so I could put it in the laundry but he would tell me it’s not yet time for washing. Got my chance last night, I thought with a grin. And so… together with the other white clothes, I left it to the mercy of the washing machine for 1 hour and 47 minutes. Off to bed I went and I got to hang the clothes in the morning.  The jacket stayed in the washing machine for almost 7 hours… and so did hubby’s iPod. (TOINK!)

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2 thoughts on “House Talk: Doing the Laundry

  1. I left a mini Snickers bar in my pant pocket just last week and it went through the washer and the dryer! Why do I have a Snickers bar? Somebody was handing it out at work, took one, didn’t get to eat it. Defensive ba? 🙂

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