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Happy Mother’s Day

My reasons for a happy mother’s day:



He overhauled my world to become a daily frenzy of baby baths, feedings and diaper-changes. He made my everyday a daily challenge to become the best mom he could ever have… He made me realize that motherhood is my vocation. His very existence made me willingly submit myself.

At 3 years old, he is now our smart Little Dynamo… we have to be constantly on guard with our words and with our actions. He is too quick to notice the minutest inconsistencies… and he is just too happy to point them out.



p5060332He gave double joy to motherhood. He is proof that there is ample room for love…. that a mother’s heart is not capable to play favorites. He is a daily source of renewed energy. His easy smile makes for a more relaxed exercise of parenting. He is a calm and a happy baby… and he makes me a happy mommy.

At 5 months old, he is our Baby Dynamo… we love watching the milestones of his growth. He now has a strong back to support his body when sitting unaided. He blabbers a lot as if wanting to say something that the blabbering has become music to our ears.


Happy mother’s day, mommies! Hugs and kisses to your own reasons for a happy mother’s day.

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