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Flea Market in Apartment Complexes in Seoul

Flea markets are weekly sights in some of the apartment complexes around Seoul. They usually set up their tents in the parking lot left vacant for the scheduled time to accommodate them. This particular flea market was in Tae Young Apartments in Mapo-gu last week.


Noticeably, they are well-organized as the tents are set-up in almost the same way in the other apartment complexes I’ve seen. This is very convenient for the halmonis and ajummas living in the area. There is an area for fruits.  Another area for vegetables. There is a corner for wet goods (fish and other seafoods). Some vendors sell inexpensive clothing. I aso saw a truck with plants. Snack vendors offer Korean street foods which my son loved. Among the many choices, he savored on odeng. He easily finished 3 sticks and would have wanted more had we not stopped him.

But I don’t think all the goods are cheaper compared with supermarket goods. The banana for example is more expensive in this particular flea market compared with the price of the same size and brand in Lotte Mart. Anyway, flea markets are there for us to look for a bargain. It is up to us to gauge if we are indeed getting one.

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