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English Kindergarten for Foreigners

My Little Dynamo has a very positive attitude towards school. If you went to a school where your grandfather is the university president, I don’t think someone will make it a less positive experience for you:-).

When I went back here in Seoul, I was hoping that Kinder Schule (where my son used to go before we left for the Philippines 6 months ago) still has the 3x a week program which my son enjoyed. Little Dynamo and I got very comfortable with the owner and the other teachers, most especially the American teacher with whom my son always went to when he needed comfort. But Kinder Schule does not offer the 3x a week program anymore. Putting my son into a 5x a week program is simply impossible. It will cost us a staggering KRW830,000 a month. That’s excessive!

I had high hopes of enrolling my son today as he had been constantly asking about school when an acquaintance recommended the school her son is currently enrolled in. She has good words for ISponge English. When I went to their branch here in Mapo, I was also impressed with the facilities and the teachers. They have three native English speakers and all Korean teachers speak English well. I arranged for a 3x week program for my son as I honestly don’t want him to be out daily. His baby brother and I will be deprived of his bubbly chatter and sweetness. A teacher already interviewed my son to gauge his level. Everything seemed fine… until I clarified the school fees. For a 5x a week schedule, I have to pay KRW680,000 a month. For a 3x a week schedule, I will have to pay KRW500,000. This could have been good enough if not for this: THE FEE IS EXCLUSIVE OF THE FOLLOWING:

  • books – KRW50,000 or KRW60,000 a month
  • educational material – KRW40,000 a month
  • lunch – KRW70,000 a month
  • registration fee – KRW150,000 one time fee
  • uniform – KRW150,000

I don’t even have to discuss it with my husband. There is no way we are spending that much. So Little Dynamo stays with me and his baby brother until the right time, the right place and the right rate come.

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2 thoughts on “English Kindergarten for Foreigners

  1. yup schools in korea are worth GOLD….parents emphasize EDUCATION with how much they pay for schools, honestly they pay way too much for it and most of the time they dont even get the best out of it…ah~your post makes me wonder how on earth will I be able to send Zach to school….kkkkk.

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