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Balikbayan Box Service from the Philippines to Korea

Staying in the Philippines for 6 months made us accummulate things to bring back to Seoul. And ahhhh… lots of things. Imagine having Little Dynamo’s birthday there, the Christmas holidays, Baby Dynamo’s baptism – that means, GIFTS! But I still had to leave a lot of toys behind.

Looking at our things back in the Philippines while I was packing, it was just impossible to bring them with us on the plane. We have an active toddler and a new baby to watch out for. So, the convenience of having a courier service to send them back here was never an issue. We had to call one. Through my Korean friend, we found a Korean company called “Lucky” which services balikbayan boxes from the Philippines to Korea.


The 2 Koreans I talked to were friendly and accommodating. In fact, one of my boxes was not charged anymore (I sent 3). They gave me 2 boxes but Little Dynamo’s things did not fit in so I had to put them in another smaller box. One box costs P2,800. The company delivers the number of boxes you require and they pick them up as soon as your box/es are ready. It takes 18 days for the packages to arrive.

My boxes arrived after a month, however. I had to do some follow-up calls. One of my boxes was opened up. I know because there was no effort to conceal it. I didn’t make a fuss about it as nothing was missing (I think). I couldn’t really blame the company for that as I have heard stories about our custom personnel back in the Philippines who have the habit of opening balikbayan boxes. Lucky for those who do not lose anything. For those who do, that would be a great misfortune as they usually end up unresolved.

Anyway, for those who are interested to avail of this service, here are the contact numbers: 02-8538324, 02-8537338.

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12 thoughts on “Balikbayan Box Service from the Philippines to Korea

  1. thanks for sharing this…is “Lucky” still in service?…We have to send some of our things, we’ll migrating next month. How many kilos for 2,800? thanks!

    1. hi diane – i don’t know if they still are. i haven’t used them recently. please check their number. the amount applies to the box regardless of the weight of the content. i hope this helps:-).

  2. thanks for sharing this ate Wendy.. been thinking of things from home lately and getting headache about the rates, haha.. ngayon lang ulit naka-check ng blogs since we transfered to gimpo yesterday. we don’t have internet connection at the new apartment yet.. maybe in two days time pa.. warm regards po sa Dynamos and kay kuya… hope to see you again soon too…

      1. yeah, that’s a good price. supposedly 18 days lg. make room for delays na lg in exchange for convenience and a good rate.

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