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A Good Place to Celebrate In

p5080346Hubby had been urging me the whole morning yesterday to celebrate Mother’s Day in a good restaurant the way we always do whenever we find even the most trivial of reasons to celebrate. I wasn’t really up to it with a very active toddler and a breastfeeding baby who has totally rejected drinking milk from a feeding bottle.

Charge it to hunger pangs ang the absence of any food to eat (I prepared nothing), I relented to eating out. He had a place in mind… the new Lotte Castle just a few blocks away from our place houses the Lotte City Hotel and the hotel’s restaurant, the Naru Buffet and Bar.    p5080347  

Little Dynamo was not much into eating as he was eagerly looking forward to playing after lunch but he was obedient enough to let us eat to our heart’s desire. I had no problem with Baby Dynamo, either. He charmed the other diners with his smile while sitting on my lap while I was eating. As always, hubby takes it upon himself to pick my food while I take care of the kids.

We had a food blast! We had to… we paid KRW42,000 per head.

But it was a good afternoon (buffet is until 3pm and we were second to the last to leave) of family fun, wonderful ambiance and delectable selection of good food.

The Lotte Castle is connected to the Gongdeok Station and the Naru Buffet and Bar Restaurant is located at the second floor of the hotel.

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