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Where’s my breakfast?

We’re back here in Seoul.

I woke up on my first morning wondering “where’s my breakfast?”. There’s no one to say, “ate, kain na po kayo”.

Yesterday, we got ready to go to the playroom at the second floor of the building. Six months away from here, my Little Dynamo has apparently forgotten where the playroom is. Thinking that we are going far, he suddenly asked for our driver back in the Philippines, “Where is Kuya Ryan?”. “There is no Kuya Ryan here. We are back in Seoul, remember?“. “So, who is the driver here?”

Such is the contrast of our Philippine life and our Seoul life. A Korean visitor teased me the night before we left for Seoul, “You are a queen here in the Philippines. Are you ready to go back to Korea?“. I answered with laughter and “I am a slave in Seoul. A slave with three masters“.

Whewww!!! Got to settle down… my mind, my body and my spirit!

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17 thoughts on “Where’s my breakfast?

  1. halu ate wendy! welcome back po….

    i’m still not sure about may 1st coz Alex and I will be transferring to gimpo sometime next month.. but if makakalibre ako, lulusot talaga ako to meet up with you and your family and the rest of the gang…kkkk….

    (been trying to leave messages at Jam’s blog too kaso ayaw talaga…)

    1. hi betch, thanks for dropping by and for the gift for the Little Dynamo. may 1st would be good. sige, email ka na sa mga friendships. mag-eemail din ako.

      1. may 1st…… after 5pm na ko makakapunta if ever 🙁
        buhay pa nga ata yung tequila kina wendz eh hehe… susme
        enihoos, sana dinner para makahabol~ or say start mga 3pm at siguradong 5pm na dating ng mga people para sabay sabay tayo hehehe

        wendz! is there sumthin’ u prefer my inaanak to receive?
        pangatlong godchild, (pangalawa sa korea) at nde ko na maalala kelan ako last nagbigay ng regalo :))
        malas naman ni little manuel… 😀

        1. di ka pwede ma-late. life of the party ka pa naman. pero, imagine mo na lang nung bday ni Little Dynamo, you arrived 30 minutes before the reserved time expired hahahhaha.

          regalo? korean dol ring kaya wahahahahhaha… ayan, di ka nga male-late, di ka nga lang sisipot.

    1. jaz, same cp number pa rin. chikahan na as soon as possible. allow me a few days lang and i’ll send out email para kitakits na ulit tayo, ha. or i’ll call. see yah.

  2. hi cher and phoebe – thanks!

    hi k – kitakits soonest, k?

    hi joel – i had been trying to leave a message in your blog posts but the comments do not get through.

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