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So Far, So Good

One week’s passed and gone. We did it! Clothes had been properly put in their respective drawers. Baby Dynamo has his own drawers for clothes. I was surprised to see how many clothes Little Dynamo has accumulated in all of his three years. To think that I have given out so many already. Now, some of his clothes are kept for Baby Dynamo to use when he reaches the right size.

Playmats had been laid down for the dynamos to use. Hubby and I actually had Baby Dynamo in mind for the mats. But Little Dynamo seemed to have never outgrown them.

p41715121One week had given us enough time to put things in order (it seems). We are slowly getting into a routine and of course, the playground couldn’t be out of the picture. This time, I don’t have just an active dynamo running and playing around. I also have a puppy dynamo who will be constantly in the stroller in the months to come. Hmmm… another start. But so far, so good.

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