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Our Home, Our Daycare

If I am to have my way, I would love my Little Dynamo at home with me and his baby brother. No school… not yet.

I just have to contend with this mess everyday.


But it’s a happy mess. How we come up with this mess everyday is a happy story in itself. I love having Little Dynamo around. Baby Dynamo loves having his big brother around. The squeals of delight coming from my baby whenever “kuya” plays with him and Little Dynamo’s feeling of importance whenever he feels his baby brother needs him are enough to convince me that their company is good for each other now.

I could run a daycare just for the two of them. It isn’t even as exhausting as I expected it would be. I’m tired by the end of the day, yes. But looking back at how the day progressed is a consoling thought and gives me something to look forward to the next day.

But Little Dynamo had been consistently asking for school. Last week his runny nose and cough were good reasons why he wasn’t in school yet. This week the rainy days convince him why there isn’t school for him. What about next week? The kindergarten had been waiting for him already. In the meantime, I am taking my time with my two boys. Even with a baby around, Little Dynamo and I could still squeeze in our study time together.


It’s an ideal set-up for now. But am I enough company for my growing boy’s needs?

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