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Korean Dol Ring

A Korean Baby Dol Ring is a traditional gift given to Korean babies to celebrate their 100th day or their first birthday.

This is a 24-karat gold ring, adjustable in size and weighs 3.75grams.

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Of course, babies cannot be left alone wearing this ring. They might scratch it on their face or worse, choke with it. Beautiful as they may look, the rings are only good as keepsakes or heirlooms.

Korean Baby Dol rings are given for the baby’s good fortune. Baby Dynamo got one as his very first baptismal gift from a Korean godparent who came all the way from Korea to celebrate his baptism with us.

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  1. I live in Manhattan, New York and would like to purchase gold ring for my Korean grandchild. Where can I purchase dol ring in New York?

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