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House Talk: Cleaning Aids

Hubby brings English newspaper at home. Sometimes I browse it, most of the time I don’t. It goes to the garbage. Not anymore! Recycling the newspaper and using it as a cleaning aid is one of the many things I learned during my last looong vacation in the Philippines.

Crumpled newspapers are good for cleaning mirrors and glass doors. They are immaculately spotless after you spray a small amount of water and wipe them with the crumpled newspaper. Better than using a cloth. Try it!

Have you seen a small rolling cleaner? The one with the sticky paper rolled into it? When you roll it on your floor, you get all the falling hairs around. That’s heaven-sent for me now that I have a 4-month old baby. It doesn’t create any noise, it’s convenient and practical when the baby is sleeping. In fact, it comes handy even when I play with my infant in the playmat. Even my 3-year old Little Dynamo “cleans” the floor using the roller cleaner. Refills are available even in the small neighborhood grocery stores.

That’s it for now. If you have some household tips you can share, I would also appreciate reading about them. After all, I may be stuck without a helper these days.

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