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Filipina Domestic Helper’s Rate

I think I will have to do without a helper… at least until I find a reasonable rate again.

Six months ago, I was giving my part-timer 60,000-won for a 9am-6pm job. When I recently contacted my part-timer again, this time she was asking 70,000-won for the same length of time. She asked me if the rate is ok, and I promptly said “no, thanks”. She still tried to reason out and negotiate through text despite my frank reply but I didn’t bother to answer anymore. I don’t feel the need to negotiate in this matter. She will be cleaning my house and occasionally look after my son/s. If she feels shortened by the rate, she may not be able to deliver according to expectation. It is very important to me to be clear about financial expectations in the beginning and when I sense even the slightest possible cause of dissatisfaction in the future on either side because of money, I just drop it.

While I respect the individual right to set their own term and price, this time I personally think this is quite expensive. Especially when it is no secret that most Filipinas working as domestic helpers here are undocumented.

Oh well…

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1 thought on “Filipina Domestic Helper’s Rate

  1. hmm… a 20kg sack of rice is cheaper by 5,000 won compared to last year… rent hasn’t gone up… the won is getting stronger (and i’m not liking it- bad for business!)… the price of an everland ticket is still the same… subway fare too…

    oh the minimum wage in korea is apparently higher… 4,000 won an hour AFAIK 🙂 used to be 3,300 won

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