Dingalan Once More

The children loved the sandy beach in Dingalan so much and we saw how they enjoyed the sand and the waves, we decided to spend Easter Sunday there again.

What made the trip more special this time was Hubby’s presence. It made our family complete and made Little Dynamo’s second-time to the beach more memorable


and more exciting


We chose the same place, the San Diego Farm Resort. The resort has seen better days. I’ve learned from the care-taker that it is now currently owned by the Angaras and they are slowly developing the resort. For Baby Dynamo’s comfort, we got a room for the day. The airconditioner was broken, the place wasn’t so tidy but a few minutes of work by the caretaker made it comfortable and neat enough to stay in. The day wasn’t so humid so the electric fan was good enough. At least, I had a comfortable place to breastfeed my Baby Dynamo in and he was able to sleep comfortably while I frolicked in the water with hubby and Little Dynamo.  The room was just P500.

We paid another P500 for the cottage at the beach front. This time we came prepared. Mother-in-law and the other sisters-in-law prepared the ingredients back home and we were not disappointed by the fresh seafoods we bought at the Dingalan port. Upon arriving at the place, cooking was the first activity done by the adults while the kids were left to hubby and me at the shoreline.

Hubby got a sunburned-back and Little Dynamo got his Daddy back. That was a good Easter Sunday.

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