Conquering the Waves in Dingalan

Dingalan was a good two hours drive from Cabanatuan. The whole family got on two Starex vans for a road trip hoping to find a good beach there last April 1.

The Dingalan Port was tempting. A white sand beach was a few minutes away by a boat ride but the infants in our arms prevented us to take on the adventure. But we were not able to resist buying newly-caught shrimps and squids. Safely-tucked in the cooler, we drove some more looking for a good beach.

The children were becoming restless and the adults were becoming anxious. Three hours after, we finally checked the San Diego Farm Resort and got contented with the sandy shoreline. Before I was able to put down some of our things, my Little Dynamo was already in the waters with his pretty, pretty cousins. There was no stopping them from enjoying the pristine sandy beach from then on. We got the whole stretch almost to ourselves.

My son’s laughter made me declare “The three hours of driving was all worth it”.


The free spirit in him conquered the waves of Dingalan.

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