Mother, Grandmother and Chocolate Candy

Little Dynamo: Mommy, I want chocolate candies.

Me: Nope, we don’t have chocolate candies.

Little Dynamo: Mommy, give me money so I can buy chocolate candies.

Me: Nope, we have a lot of food here.

Lola:  It’s ok, let him have chocolate. You don’t let him eat chocolate in Seoul.

Little Dynamo: (whining)

Me: Nope. No crying.

Lola: Come, apo. Ask Lola for money.

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2 thoughts on “Mother, Grandmother and Chocolate Candy

  1. I don’t understand why grandparents are closer to their grand kids. Honestly, it felt like my grandparents were not really part of our family. When they were with us, I felt scared that I might do something wrong. We just never felt close to them but my cousins were. Now that they are gone, I somehow feel sad.

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