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A Toddler’s Prayer

One of the good practices that Little Dynamo got from school is praying. And so… since he started going to school, we have our bedtime prayer.

Now, aside from our bedtime prayer, he prays whenever he wants to… in the bath tub… in the car… in the church…


Wonder what he prays for?

“Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus… please do not let my mommy get angry at me.”

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3 thoughts on “A Toddler’s Prayer

  1. halu ate wendy! mangungusmusta lang po.. are you and your little and baby dynamos back here in seoul already? maginaw pa rin.. ayaw pa umalis ng winter, haha… i hope you’re all okay…

    1. thanks jehan… we will be there in seoul mid of april na. i’m excited and nervous at the same time. it will be like strating over again hahahha… with two kids.

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