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5 minutes

I love to entertain. I love inviting people.

I’m glad I got the chance to do just that before I leave for Seoul again. I arranged for a swimming party in the house for Little Dynamo’s classmates.


Attendance was more than I expected. Some older siblings of his classmates were brought by their mommies. A number of teachers also came over. When the children were done swimming, spaces were filled up for eating. I prepared two garden sets and they were occupied. The children were cozy in the table at the middle of the garden. Some were eating on the swing and some mommies moved their toddlers in the bahay kubo. As soon as they were energized, the children began running around again.

When it was time for them to leave, Little Dynamo had to ask for “5 more minutes, please“. And they all happily continued with their running.

They had a big space for running around. They didn’t need toys to have fun. We, mommies, had a lot of fun watching them having fun. When the playmates were gone, petals were scattered around the garden. The Lola couldn’t complain:-). Lola’s huge garden will have a lot of memories for Little Dynamo to bring when we go back to Seoul.

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