Will You Take Care of Me?

Little Dynamo came down with a bad case of diarrhea. He’s better now, thank goodness!

He was not taking his medicines well. Giving him medicine was always a struggle. I had to cuddle him, kiss him, threaten him… name it! Take this episode:

Me: If you don’t drink your medicine, I have to bring you to the hospital. I will not sleep there with you. Only Lola will be with you. I need to take care of baby brother here in the house.

Little Dynamo: (just shaking his head, crying)

Me: The doctors will put IV on you. I can’t stop them. I can’t protect you there. They will force the medicine on you.

Little Dynamo: Where’s Lola?

Me: In her room.

He went to his Lola’s room, crying.

Little Dynamo: Lola, if I go to the hospital, will you take care of me?

Lola: Of course, apo. Why?

Little Dynamo: Mommy will not take care of me. She will take care of baby brother here in the house. What about Lolo? He will take care of me also?

Lola: Yes, of course, apo.

And the Little Dynamo went out of his Lola’s room with a firmer resolution not to take his medicine.

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