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Baby Dynamo Granted an F3 Visa

Baby Dynamo is barely 3 months old. He was granted his F3 visa here in the Philippines by the Korean Embassy last February 19.

A lot of Filipinos lament the Korean embassy’s strictness with visa application. The Korean Embassy is said to be rejecting a lot of application for tourist visas. Personally, I think it depends on your purpose and the authenticity of your documents. It is a known fact that many apply for a tourist visa with the purpose of working in South Korea. Many of those are English tutors in the Philippines who would like to try their luck to work as (illegal) English tutors in South Korea. The problem arise in their documentary requirements, particularly the financial documents… and then they declare that the embassy is very strict. Without ample and authentic documents, what do you expect?

Four years ago, I also applied for a tourist visa. I submitted all the required documents and surprise!… instead of being granted a tourist visa, I was immediately granted a F-3 visa. It isn’t the standard procedure as F-3 visa holders should go through the process of being granted a tourist visa first and apply for a F-3 visa in South Korea. Anyway, it was a pleasant and a convenient surprise. I showed the lady accepting all visa applications at the Korean Embassy my case four years ago and she was surprised that I was granted the F-3 status instead of a tourist visa. For whatever it’s worth, Baby Dynamo was also granted the same status as I did.

I think the Korean Embassy is perceptive enough to evaluate and conclude that we are going to Seoul not just for a tour. So, instead of letting us go through the usual process of having a tourist visa first, they cut short the process for us and immediately granted us ur desired visa type. And it’s all in the documents that we submitted.

We are just counting the weeks. Little Dynamo, hubby and I are going to welcome our Baby Dynamo to our family life in Seoul. It’s one brave move! I will be assuming my role as the mistress of our house… without the perks our Philippine life is blessed with:-).

Anyway, dis-is-it!

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17 thoughts on “Baby Dynamo Granted an F3 Visa

  1. hi jayson, there is no need to bring the baby. in fact, the embassy does not require the presence of any applicant (unless upon evaluation they require an interview) as applications for a Korean visa are based on submitted documents. the fact that your wife already had an F-3 visa, you are almost sure to have one for your baby. goodluck!

  2. Hi Wendy, I have one question regarding the F-3 visa of your baby Dynamo, did you bring your baby when you apply for the visa? My wife is also planning to apply for F-3 visa for her and my baby but we are not sure if she needs to bring our baby to the embassy and also my wife had F-3 visa before. Your response will be much appreciated. Thanks!

  3. hi ate wendy… im here in koRea for 2months i have a husband here he is korean!i had a baby left in the philippines, my husband know that..and he said to me that i can bring my baby here in korea…please Help me..i juSt want to know if what are the following requirements on How to bring my baby here in korea?I try to be back in philppines on October… thank you so much,I hope you can help me!!

  4. Hi wendy.

    There’s no one to blame for Korea’s rejection of most tourist visa applications but Filipinos themselves. Like what the op said, so many pinoys apply for a tourist visa, with the intention of working here in the end, and worst, stay as an undocumented alien. These selfish actions affects and resonates the entire community and creates a negative stigma for everyone to suffer. Go to the Korean embassy and ask those people in line for a tourist visa application, and oftentimes than not you will meet people who haven’t even traveled in several destinations in the Philippines, yet is applying for a tourist visa (Korea). Also, a frequent traveler or tourist will rarely choose Korea as a destination. Unless someone visited already quite a few places outside the Philippines, then Korea will never be in the list. Korea is not a tourist haven. Its just Korea, no big deal about that.

    1. hi arvinsign,

      i agree with you regarding

      “These selfish actions affects and resonates the entire community and creates a negative stigma for everyone to suffer”

      however, i think korea’s effort to make the country a tourist destination couldn’t be discounted. the country has beautiful and exciting destinations to go to. it doesn’t matter that most filipinos know about them through the koreanovelas:-).

  5. HI Miss Wendy,

    good day!

    what are the requirements to go to SK for a Tourist visa or F3 Visa. Can you please educate me? MY husband is working in South korea as an EPS worker. I am planning to surprise him on our Son’s bday on september sana. I am working here in Libis.

    Thanks a lot! hoping for your response.

    1. hi shaine,

      you could apply for a tourist visa by submiting the ff: filled-out application form, cert of employment, itr and bank statements. i don’t think employees under EPS can request for F3 visa for their dependents. only e7 visa holders can. good luck.

    1. hi k – move namin to mid of april. final na yan! tickets are ready. katawan na lang namin ang hindi ready hehehhehe… see yah!

  6. yay!
    naku, can’t remember the first time i needed to get a visa(hmmm, maybe because hubs had to do all the work?) hay, susme kelan ba yun??? niwei,
    see you soon! lotsa catching up to do… and a baby(to scare? hehe)!!!

    1. naku, Jaz! wag mo naman masyadong i-scare ang baby at sobra yatang nilalambing sya ng mga nasa paligid nya dito hahahha. i’m soooo excited na makita nyo na ang aking baby!!! see yahhh!

    1. we are scheduled mid of March to go back there.. although M seem to be scheduled for a 12 day business trip to the ME end of March… what do i do there with my two boys? wahahahahha… we’ll wait for the confirmation of his biz trip before psyching ourselves up for our return.

  7. hi ate Wendy! i had so much difficulty working on my visa application before because although i had the list of needed requirements, i didn’t know that i could attend the CFO seminar without having completed the required documents yet. i also didn’t know that i could use my passport to Korea with my maiden name so i waited for our wedding cert. to be released before i started working on everything. i was so stressed. that’s when i really started to gain weight (uncontrollably)…

    it would be really nice to finally meet Baby Dynamo, and see your family again…

    warm hugs po sa babies nyo…

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