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Young Saver


I always had so many coins. There was a time my coins can’t fit in my coin purse. This inspired me to give Little Dynamo a little lesson on savings.

And so I bought a toy car which could also serve as his coin bank. To give him a little excitement, I kept the key and told him that his Daddy has the key. To give it more meaning, I told him that he will open his “car bank” when his Daddy arrives and they will both count the coins and bring it to the bank. It was settled.

The right time came after all the Christmas parties ended. Off we went to the bank and opened an account for him and his baby brother. His Daddy modified the plan. They opened the “car bank” right there at the bank and the staff counted it for them. It was a perfect idea! Our Little Dynamo carried his “car bank” with pride.


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1 thought on “Young Saver

  1. That’s is a really nice experience for him. Something he would cherish when he grows up. I also remember doing something like this but I was in elementary school na. ^^

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