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Gibo in Presidential Forum in Nueva Ecija

As soon as Little Dynamo arrived at the house this afternoon, he was excitedly asked by his nanny:

“Are you going to vote for Gibo?”

Little Dynamo nonchalantly answered:

“No. I only shake hands with him.”

He actually did. He was clueless as to who this man was in his Lolo’s office. Gibo below pointing to Little Dynamo saying:

“Naka-green ka” (You’re in green). Little Dynamo was wearing a green shirt.


 And they shook hands right after.

Presidential candidate Gilbert Teodoro was in Cabanatuan City this afternoon for his campus forums. He had a courtesy call in the University President’s Office where his presidential forum was held. The whole family, including Little Dynamo, had the chance to have a photo opportunity with the presidential candidate. Thus, the anecdote above.

Gibo had been doing the rounds of campuses nationwide and this brings him nearer to the young, and first-time voters.


What’s amusing about the most dominant question everytime Gibo faces the students is the seeming impatience of the students to punish the current president and the desire for Gibo to say that he will. Good thing, he has perfected diplomacy on this topic.


Oh well, there is a need to listen to the voices of the youth…

but there is also a need to curb youthful arrogance.

On the lighter side, Little Dynamo noticed that his Lolo had already spoken on stage. Then Gibo did. And so, he exclaimed:

“Mommy, I want to have a microphone.”

“Mommy, I want to perform on stage.”


His Lolo just arrived here in the house, Little Dynamo welcomed him with:

“Lolo, why didn’t you give me a microphone?”

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