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Flip-flops Country

Whar’s so fashionable about flip-flops? Why do they cost a lot?


I honestly can’t see the reason for the exorbitant prices attached to flip-flops. They are comfortable, yes. But fashionable? Heck, no! But some people (a lot!) think they are so much so that they are willing to shell out hundreds, even a thousand bucks, for flip-flops. Oh well, to each his own…

Yet… I actually tried to buy a “tsinelas” – that’s what they are. LOL. – to have a feel of what the majority feels when they go around town – malls, restos, cinemas – wearing one. I ended up confident that tsinelas – flip-flops or whatever you call them – aren’t for me.

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3 thoughts on “Flip-flops Country

  1. LOL!! because of my ugly toes.. I have to make sure I get a pedicure before I use flip-flops. I’ve been wanting a BeBe flip-flop since then… but hubby didn’t get me one ‘coz I was pregnant then. Hopefully this year my wish will be granted… LOL!! Get the expensive one.. they’re very comfy.. as long as you put it together with ur outfit. *winks*

  2. Alam ko na, Ninang Wendy… Hehe, I think when u get back here sa Seoul, bring us pasalubong! TSINELAS! How about that? Yung typical tsinelas… tutal naman I am sure, we’ll have reunion party at welcoming party for you….
    Hehe (bigla akong nahiya)…
    I hope everything goes well with you there…

  3. hallu ate Wendy! ako din, bumili ng 2 pairs… the other pair ended up sa loob ng banyo, pangbanyo na lang… no, i don’t have that lovely to look at chinese-igorot feet.. but my sisters do, haha… uh, i’m not just confident and comfortable to wear open shoes or slippers outside of the house…

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