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Day time and Night time Playmates

Little Dynamo has many cousins to play with.  But the cousins are here only on weekends. His constant playmate, another cousin, comes to the house for 2-3 hours every night.

Who does he play with the rest of the day?

Kuya Ryan. His day time playmate.


I got our own driver for the duration of our stay here. When he is not driving, he entertains Little Dynamo in any way possible. My son brings his toy cars in the garden for them to play with. My son would insist on also having his lunch in the bahay kubo where Kuya Ryan eats. Sometimes, I would just see them talking in the swing. Little Dynamo would panic when he starts the car without him. I have to answer many questions why he has to go home every afternoon.

The household angels (mother in law’s helpers and Little Dynamo’s nanny) are available 24/7 for Little Dynamo to bother. One time I heard him questioning one of the ates, “Why don’t you want to play with me? Why? Play with me. Now!” And I heard laughter after. Oftentimes, I hear shrieks and I would see Little Dynamo playing with one or all of them, whoever and whenever he fancies.

 Then, night time comes…

Kuya Randy. His night time playmate.


Aside from the arrival of his cousin every night, he anticipates the arrival of the security guard on night time duty in the house. In his security guard uniform, Kuya Randy would be prodded by the boys to play with them and run around the garden. Long after Little Dynamo’s cousin has gone home, my son still freely roams the garden. A little more convincing needs to be done before he goes inside the house for the bedtine routine. When he feels like it, he would ask the guard to carry him so that Mommy could not easily bring him inside the house. tsk. tsk.

My son would surely miss his kind of life here in the Philipines when it will be time to pack up our things for Seoul in March (sigh). But we are a family who should stay and live together wherever destiny brings us to. In the meantime, he still has more than a month to enjoy here…

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