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Banking Concerns

We have an account in Chinabank in Manila. I deposited some money in Chinabank here in the province. I was asked to pay a service fee of P50 for interbank deposit. I asked why? That’s the policy. I said no, I won’t pay. I’m depositing a good amount of money in the same bank. Said they would refer me to the manager. They didn’t charge me with P50.

But why the interbank deposit fee? It’s a deposit, not a withdrawal. It’s money for the bank as a whole. Each branch has its own target, I know. But depositors should not be charged for the service one branch does for their other branch.

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2 thoughts on “Banking Concerns

  1. Amen to that!! I know banks don’t. Even if it’s a withdrawal. But then… lotsa weird policy are being imposed in our Lupang Sinilangan. If it’s indeed a real banking policy for China Bank…. surely it sucks. Not customer friendly at all.

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