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I love reading. I love browsing the net.

Ever since I got pregnant with Little Dynamo, I had been scouring the internet with pregnancy articles,  parenting and baby things. The information is just so vast I could hardly read, much more absorb, all of them. I chose a number of sites where I feel I could get the most valuable information from. Now that I have Baby Dynamo with me, I would be needing more help. I am so grateful I  checked this Baby and Child website. They would definitely provide huge help. The articles posted are worth the read. Sometimes, I feel like I am pushing myself too much to be a good mom. Here’s a good way to be a better mom.

I am happy to see articles relating to siblings and having a new baby in the family while making the older one feel secure. Maintaining the confidence of the older child while making him love the younger one is definitely a great challenge for moms. There are articles in the website addressed just for Moms. The site is good and I am bookmarking it for my personal reference.

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