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sany13481I am into co-sleeping. Little Dynamo is so lucky to be sleeping with us to this day (others might have a contrary opinion… LOL). I would have wanted my Baby Dynamo to be sleeping with us on the bed, too. In fact, I put off buying a crib until he was already born and I had been convinced that it would be safe for him to be sleeping on the crib.

While co-sleeping was convenient with our Little Dynamo and to this day, hubby and I believe that it was, and still is, good for him, I have to concede to buying a crib for our Baby Dynamo for safety reasons. His Kuya is unaware of the dangers his movements on the bed pose for his baby brother.

Since I never had the interest on cribs, I did not bother to check its price. I was so surprised with the prices of the cribs in the market! They are expensive! Graco cribs are very expensive at P10,000 – P12,000. Baby First cribs range from P5,000 – P7,000. If transporting the crib to Seoul is not a consideration, I would have wanted a wooden crib. But, my golly! A decent looking wooden crib costs at around P11,000. A very nice-looking crib (one that I would have chosen if I were to stay here in the Philippines) costs P25,000. The prices were killing me!

Good thing I found a local brand crib (Jolly is the brand name) which costs me P3,700. Not bad, eh? considering the prices of the other cribs above. I love the mosquito net. It also has a lever at the bottom which makes it a rocking cradle.

When Baby Dynamo becomes a little bit bigger, I still hope to put him on the bed with us. His Kuya had everything well-prepared for him and had all the attention. I would love to shower Baby Dynamo with the same amount of attention.

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5 thoughts on “The Crib

  1. i originally planned to buy a crib but other moms here said they survived without one, especially when breastfeeding. it would be really nice and convenient to be just beside the baby at all times… alex on the other hand moves a lot when sleeping, so we agreed he sleep on the floor when baby arrives, hehe…

  2. awww soo jealous.. the kulambo… and above all, the pillows. against the advice of doctors and nurses to use anything on a baby’s crib( becoz of SIDS-sudden infant death syndrome issues), I was very adamant to find those pillows. unfortunately, it’s not available here, except for the fancy once that cost a fortune. nanay almost conceded to sew me one. in the end, i ended up buying the keepsake little pillow. not what I wanted but Khloe never used it anyway. LOL… Baby dynamo is so so cute… 🙂

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