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Post Pregnancy Vanity

I headed off to the parlor last December 6. That was exactly a week ago, 6 days after I gave birth.

I brought along two books, prepared to sit down in front of the mirror for 4-5 hours for my hair rebond. You see, my hair had an hiatus during my pregnancy. I love doing something new to my hair. It has undergone hair relax, rebond, and perming. I love my hair permed during the winter season. To this day, I still carry the unsightly remains of my permed hair which I had done last winter in Seoul.

Aside from having my baby, one of the post-pregnancy event I was looking forward to was the rebonding of my hair.

And so, I smiled and asked for a hair rebond upon entering the parlor:-).

Knowing that I was pregnant, some staff looked at me… confused. Am I still pregnant? Oh, you gave birth already? When? But… but… but…

Only the owner of the parlor had the courage to tell me they don’t do hair rebond until after one month after a woman gives birth. I wanted them to talk to my OB who gave me a go-signal. But they stayed firm. And the other parlor-goers had a good laugh at me… duh! A doctor’s logic is unheeded in this part of the world.

My pride didn’t allow me to walk out of the parlor. LOL. I stayed on, had my hair trimmed and had my foot spa and manicure…

I went home still donning my permed tresses.

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