Perfect End for November

Little Dynamo was born on the first day of November in 2006.

This year, we ended November just right!

Our Baby Dynamo was born at 8:36am on the last Day of November at 38 weeks and 2 days.



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11 thoughts on “Perfect End for November

  1. congrats!! im sorry i wasnt able to meet up with you,i was always sick in manila and my mom advised me to stay away from you because you might get sick because of me and that’s not good for a pregnant lady….anyway,i promise i’llvisit you and your dynamos when you get back to korea….hugs and kisses to your little dynamo and your baby dynamo…..take care

  2. I’m d last to know… Congratulations, Wendy! Can’t wait to see you even more with your two dynamites and to your new baby dynamo, may the Lord bless all your ways and your family be be blessed more through you. Welcome to this world, dear baby! See you here in Korea. You are more than an angel!

  3. awww… so sweet… sweet november… congratulations to you and your family… here comes more joy of motherhood and of having a little one around…:)

  4. ate, i wish you a world blooming with happiness and love with your little ones… Congratulations on your new baby… hugs hugs hugs…

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