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Do you use cloth diapers or disposable diapers?

I have a bias against disposable diapers because my Mom favors cloth diapers. I just held on to my Mom’s opinion on the matter. And so, Little Dynamo had cloth diapers until he was about four months old. I had him use disposable diapers only when we go out of the house. My Baby Dynamo is also using cloth diapers now.¬† I just think I need to listen to my Baby’s preference this time…

I noticed how irritable and uncomfortable my baby becomes whenever his cloth diaper becomes wet. And it doesn’t take long for the cloth diapers to get wet. Babies pee several times and most often in short intervals. I have no problem with the supply of my cloth diapers. Neither is doing the laundry a concern, many¬†thanks to the nanny. My concern is on my baby’s discomfort. In contrast to disposable diapers which absorb the baby’s urine, cloth diapers do not absorb at all. The baby cries each time and sleep is often disturbed.

My Baby Dynamo now uses cloth diapers only in the daytime. I let him use disposables during night time. This way, his night time sleep would be less disturbed. By the time we go back to Seoul, I would definitely just use disposable diapers. Aside from consideration for my baby’s comfort, I aso cannot afford to wash the dirty cloth diapers:-)…

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